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REISA Board of Directors Nomination

It is with great excitement that I announce I have accepted the nomination to sit on the REISA Board of Directors after being encouraged to do so by many of my peers.

I encourage all who are members of REISA to please vote as soon as possible as the cut off date is fast approaching.
If you are not already a member and are interested in becoming one; please follow the below link..followed promptly of course by getting online and voting!

Something I pride myself on is staying honest, open and transparent with my clients and community. Because of this I have decided to release to the public my personal application. Enjoy,


Several suggestions, outstanding notable support, I’m humbly nominating for the REISA Board of Directors.

Many REISA members/colleagues and my networks are aware, I’m highly motivated, goal oriented with proven, respected project management skills.

Working for some of the World’s biggest/most recognised marine companies (AFE, Tuna Boat Owners, Australia Maritime and Fisheries Academy), I’ve experienced high-pressure management roles.

Intuitive, experienced in recruitment/training/assessment/reporting, marketing/promotion have transiti

oned me into my REISA Next Generation Committee role – mentoring/maintaining, enthusiastic entrants into South Australia’s progressive real estate world.

Industries I’ve worked within, recognise my variety of life/professional work-experience, resulting consultancy roles undertaken, with positions on boards assisting industry continual improvement (CRC Advisory Committee, Australian-Indonesian Business Council, SA Aquaculture Advisory Council).

Seeking challenges with passion professionally to benefit/promote my industry, this opportunity allows me to assist taking Real Estate to a respected profession/industry admired by all for:

  • Technological advancements
  • Community service
  • Demonstrating to society the necessity of real estate professionals, not lead generators/industry disruptors
  • Utilising/supporting the leading industry body to stabilise the future of real estate in SA.

Thank you for your consideration. My energy, drive, life experience will provide that spark to continually improve the leadership on the REISA Board.

Rachel Lawrie