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Reflection and Acceptance

As you all would be aware after my last few posts; I recently agreed to put my hat in the ring for a Board of Directors position for REISA after being nominated by a few people I highly respect.

My reasoning for agreeing to apply for such a position is due to my passion and drive for the industry that I am apart of, Real Estate.

I want to see the industry become a true profession, that is respected and trusted. I want to see the industry grow and develop, moving into the future, accepting and adapting to change so that it can progress and improve as required.

As I say in the above video, this has only increased my drive to continue to work hard and create a difference. Hopefully I will be there again next year as a nominee for the board of directors, but until then I will continue to do my part as a REISA member, a board member for the Next Generation committee for REISA and the Principal of Ray White North Adelaide.

Have an amazing week everyone!